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Music Education Summer Workshops Registration

Thank you for your interest in UK's continuing music education programs!

Online Payment available! Those choosing to pay online must pay the full amount due at time of registration. Online registration with pay-by-check option is still available for employer payment, those who wish to avoid using cards online, and those who must pay in installments. A $75 check down payment is required as soon as possible to hold your place. You will receive a confirmation email with a copy of your registration.  If you or your employer are paying by check, please print that email and include it with the mailed tuition check for identification purposes.

Checks should be mailed to:
April Robinson
College of Fine Arts Integrated Business Unit
305 Fine Arts Building
465 Rose Street
Lexington, KY 40506-0022

Make all workshop fee checks payable to either "UK School of Music Orff", "UK School of Music Dalcroze", or "UK School of Music Modern Band". Graduate Tuition is not paid through this system or the College of Fine Arts. See the TUITION, FEES, HOUSING, & DEADLINES section below.

Please contact Dr. Martina Vasil (martina.vasil@uky.edu) to ask any questions.

All participants must agree to the College of Fine Arts Audio/Video Recording and Broadcast Release.

Class & Information Quick Reference


For music teachers, arts administrators, music therapists, superintendents, principals, community music leaders, and music students.

Modern Band is a new school based music program that utilizes popular music as its central canon. Modern band teaches students to perform the music they know and love and to compose and improvise.

April 23–24, 2022
9am–5pm EDT
14 PD hours, non-credit
In person, 105 College of Fine Arts, Lexington, KY
$75 One Day, $150 Both Days
Cap: 40


For Music Teachers, Levels 1 and 2, Curriculum Development, and Artful-Playful-Mindful
Course content follows the curriculum approved by the American Orff Schulwerk Association. All levels meet for 6 hours each day for 10 weekdays with half hour lunch breaks. Daily sessions will focus on ensemble playing, lessons and pedagogy, recorder techniques, dance and movement, and special topics.

Completing the prior level is required to register for upper level classes.

Levels I, II with Diana Hawley, Betsy Kipperman, Mona Mann, and Laura Petersen
June 21–25 and June 27–July 1, 2022*
8:15am–4:15pm EDT
65 PD hours, available for university credit
In Person, 105 College of Fine Arts, Lexington, KY
Cap for Level 1: 24
Cap for Level 2: 16

Curriculum Development with Lennie Davis
June 21–25, 2022*
30 PD hours, available for university credit
In Person, 105 College of Fine Arts, Lexington, KY
Cap: 12

Orff Schulwerk and Popular Music with Martina Vasil and David Dockan
June 27–July 1, 2022
30 PD hours, available for university credit
In Person, 105 College of Fine Arts, Lexington, KY
Cap: 15

*Please note that these dates are Tues–Sat and then Mon–Fri due to the observance of Juneteenth on Monday, June 20

Registration Deadline: June 1, 2022

Artful-Playful-Mindful with Diana Hawley
5 Sunday evenings 7:30–8:45pm EDT (Feb 13, 27, Mar 20, 27, Apr 10)
6.25 PD hours, non-credit
Online, Synchronous through Catalog
Cap: 20

Register on UK's Catalog

Registration Deadline: February 1, 2022


For musicians, dancers and music specialists.

Participants will be immersed in the principal subjects of the Dalcroze approach: eurhythmics, solfège, and piano improvisation. In eurhythmics, participants work through kinesthetic musical experiences in movement to arrive at intellectual understanding about music. Dalcroze solfège, which differs from “traditional” solfège, emphasizes aural flexibility within the tonal language. Piano improvisation provides a venue for spontaneous musical expression, fusing the prior two subjects. Additional topics will include practical pedagogical discussions and playing for eurhythmics classes.

Beginner and Intermediate Dalcroze with Drs. Marla Butke and Holly Smith
June 13–17, 2022 
9am - 4pm
30 PD hours, available for university credit
In person, Schmidt Vocal Arts Center, Lexington, KY
Cap: 20

Registration Deadline: June 1, 2022


Dalcroze 2 Online with Dr. Todd Anderson
May 16–August 11, 2022
24 PD hours, available for university credit
Online, Asynchronous via Catalog
Prerequisite: Dalcroze 1 Online
Cap: 20

Register on UK's Catalog

Registration Deadline: May 1, 2022



Workshop Fees:

These fees cover the instructor, space, and material costs for the Music Education department to run our summer programs. Prices do not include housing or optional graduate credit tuition; see the sections below for more information on housing and tuition.

  • Modern Band: $150 for the whole workshop, or $75 each for individual days
  • Orff Schulwerk: $625
  • Curriculum Development: $425
  • Orff Schulwerk and Popular Music: $425
  • Artful-Playful-Mindful: $150, Registration through Catalog
  • Dalcroze Beginner and Intermediate: $425
  • Dalcroze 2 Online: $600, Registration through Catalog

Tuition for Graduate Credit:

University graduate credit is an additional tuition cost paid to the UK Graduate School. University credit is ONLY available for Orff and Dalcroze training, and optional for those not currently pursuing a graduate degree or certificate. Attendees opting to receive graduate credit pay in-state tuition. For questions contact UKOrffContact@gmail.com.


Option 1: North Campus Dormitories. Suites are two rooms with doors that lock and a shared common area and bathroom. Rooms come with a closet, desk, and chair. Common area has a mini-fridge, microwave, and sinks. Attendees are paired with a same-gendered participant unless a specific roommate is requested. Those who do not wish to share a room may pay a private rate to have a suite to themselves. UK Housing cannot be booked for only M-F for each week of the course.  The weekend must be included.  For reservations and questions contact martina.vasil@uky.edu.

2021 Dorm Prices, Subject to Change for 2022

  • 12 nights shared suite @ $45/night with linens= $540
  • 12 nights shared suite @ $35/night no linens= $420
  • 12 nights private suite @ $80/night with linens = $960
  • 12 nights private suite @ $70/night no linens = $840

Option 2: AirBnB.com
If you do not want to use the dorms, please consider airbnb. Past participants have found success staying at people’s homes through this service. You can often rent entire homes and split the cost among several people.


  • Modern Band: April 15
  • Orff Schulwerk: February 1 (APM), June 1 (Levels 1-2, CD, Orff and Pop)
  • Dalcroze Institute: May 1 (Dalcroze 2), June 1 (Beginner/Intermediate)