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University of Kentucky String Project

Photograph of String Project students of various grades and backgrounds standing on the Singletary center stage after a year-end performance.

The UKSP will follow the University of Kentucky's COVID-19 guidelines. Learn More

The UKSP provides instrument instruction on violin, viola, and cello for children ages seven and up. The program's mission is to offer a comprehensive music education that includes instruction in various subjects related to string playing, including technique building, performance, and music theory. The UKSP also provides a platform for the UK School of Music students serving as student teachers to gain valuable teaching experience.

The UK String Project is a member of the National String Project Consortium, an organization committed to the development and growth of string education across the nation.

The UKSP has a limited number of instruments for students who need additional financial assistance. Please carefully review the program information before registering, and contact Dr. Tze-Ying Wu with any questions.

Spring 2023 Program

Program Period: January 30 - April 29, 2023
Registration Deadline: January 21, 2023
Program Format: In-person instruction. Classes and lessons will meet at the University of Kentucky School of Music (465 Rose Street, Lexington, KY, 40506). Zoom lessons may be offered as an alternative if the scheduling or room availability is inconvenient for private lessons. 

  • Class Schedule
    • Each week (12 sessions), we offer:
      • 50-minute group classes
        • Group classes are arranged by instruments and playing levels. Below is a tentative schedule that may change based on enrollment and room availability.
          • Cello B (Intermediate) - Saturday 11 - 11:50 AM
          • Cello A (Beginner) - Saturday 12 - 12:50 PM
          • Viola (Mixed level) - Saturday 1 - 1: 50 PM
          • Violin B (Intermediate) - Saturday 1 - 1:50 PM
          • Violin A (Beginner) - Saturday 2 - 2:50 PM
          • Violin C (Advanced) - Saturday 3 - 3:50 PM
      • 30-minute private lesson (time arranged between the teacher and the student)
  • Fees
    • Lessons With Student Teacher, $150: includes weekly group lessons and all the other activities, with weekly private lessons with student teachers. Open enrollment.
    • Lessons With Master Teacher, $225: includes weekly group lessons and all the other activities, with weekly private lessons with master teachers. Selective enrollment, please contact Dr. Tze-Ying Wu for approval prior to registering. 
      • Lessons with master teachers may be observed by UK students from the string methods class or UKSP interns. 
  • Faculty
    • Master Teachers
      • Dr. Tze-Ying Wu, violin/viola instructor, director of UKSP, and Assistant Professor of Viola and String Education at the University of Kentucky Tzeying.wu@uky.edu
      • Ethan Young, cello instructor ethanyoung0315@gmail.com
    • Student Teachers
      • Student teachers are trained and supervised by master teachers. The roster varies from year to year. 

Please contact Dr. Tze-Ying Wu for any questions.