UK Marching Band Member Payment


We're excited you're playing with the Wildcat Marching Band this year! Fees are collected from members to cover the cost of WMB-related attire that can be kept after your time with UK Bands. You can find the full list of items included in the Returning and Incoming Member Packages in your 2022 WMB Handbook. Returning members may also choose to purchase additional replacement items from the current year's designs, please check the handbook to make sure you are not purchasing an item that is already included in the returning package.

Please Note: 

  • Add-on items are for returning band members only. There is not enough stock to allow purchasing additional items for family and friends. Orders made by non-marching band members will be voided and refunded.
  • If you need to purchase shoes, band-specific footwear is now offered through DeMoulin. Please visit the UKWMB DeMoulin Store to buy shoes. Order before August 18th for the discount group shipping price to campus.


Member Package

Replacement Add-ons (Returning Members Only)


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